Why is it difficult to “cast-on?”

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Why is it difficult to “cast-on?”


Do you find it difficult sometimes to cast on a new project?

If the answer is “no,” then this post is not for you, sorry.

The question of “Do I have enough yarn to finish this project?” might come up.

You are afraid that it will end up in a “WIPs” pile.

Will the recipient of this beautiful hand-knitted gift appreciate your time and effort?

What if I ran out of interesting podcasts/ TV programs to listen to or watch while clicking away my needles?

Above all these fears


To “cast-on” means “commitment.”

It can lead to a “fatal” or “suicidal” path in some cases.

What have you casted on recently?




Each post is inspired by my love ofΒ yarn & friendship among fibre enthusiasts.

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4 thoughts on “Why is it difficult to “cast-on?”

  1. I just cast on for my last piece on my last patch of a gigantic patchwork blanket. It was 72 cast ons of 55 stitches each. I’m very excited that at this point I only have to knit another 93 rows then one last cast off and its done. Well… then years of sewing it all together of course.


    1. just went to check out your blog, wow! I admire your work and commitment πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• I am looking forward to seeing your finished blanket! is it for someone special or for the house?


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