Alpaca Love

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2016-08-19 10.57.41

This week I have been dyeing this new yarn base of 100% baby alpaca and I am so in love with how soft this fibre is. My first encounter with these lovely creatures was at YarnDale in Skipton last year. They were quite playful and didn’t mind human’s company.

Here they were smiling and enjoying having their photos taken 🙂

I have read some forum threads that discussed dyeing with alpaca yarn and fleece and a few mentioned that it didn’t take the dyes in as well as merino. But to my surprise, I dyed these two colourways and they turned out quite right, just the way I wanted 🙂

On the left is “Enchanted Garden” and on the right is “Alpaca’s Kisses”

I have set aside a few skeins to knit a project for myself this autumn (who can resist!?)and have listed a few in my shop as well.

Have you ever knitted/crocheted/worked with alpaca yarns? If so, what are your favorite projects and patterns? I have in mind that this yarn would be perfect for a shawl 🙂

I am heading to Revelry to check out some lovely shared patterns/projects now so i can get some ideas.



Launch of Hand Dyed Yarns

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If you have followed me on Instagram , you might have witnessed my yarn dyeing journey by now.It has been incredible weeks dyeing and skeining a lot of yarns! If I had known dyeing can be so much fun and therapeutic, I would have started long time ago. But it’s not too late to start now anyway, as there are many colourways to experience and explore 🙂

I am planing to vlog or at least make a video tutorial of my yarn dyeing on my YouTube channel later this year, so subscribe and stay tuned ! 😉

In the meantime if you are running low on your stash and looking for indie hand dyed speckled and variegated yarns, please check out my lovely wee shop HandDrawnYarn on Etsy  I am also taking custom orders via email

Happy Casting on!