A Year of Wellness

2017-08-22 17.03.44-1

Good bye 2017 and welcome (with my open arms) 2018 !

Last year I followed my heart and set a goal to turn a hobby into a business. So I started my hand dyed yarn biz and it has been going really well (better than I anticipated). I knitted a lot, I dyed countless kilos of yarn, I designed my first few knitting patterns and along the way I have gained insights and knowledge on how to run a business, my first business, my first baby.

2017-10-03 11.09.48-2My first shawl design, published last year Chasing Unicorns


I love the craft and yarn dyeing is the way I can express my love for colour and many people/customers seem to like/appreciate as well. I can’t imagine myself living in a world of just black and white or even grey. My world needs to be splashed/painted with colour, rainbows and unicorns.

While I enjoyed running my yarn biz and knitting like a mad lady, my body noticed that something just didn’t feel right. I became less active and less sociable. I rather seeked comfort by knitting and Netflix/Youtube binge-watching. Who would not want that? Nothing is wrong with that? Turned out something was wrong.

This might not be an appropriate place I would write/discuss/express what was “wrong.” The only thing I would write down here is that this year I promise myself to be the year of wellness and wellbeing. In order to make that happen, I have to commit to a couple of things and a couple of routines. I am sure if I put my mind into it, I will be able to make it happen.


Maybe next year I will be able to come back here and report whether or not things will go according to plan.

If you come across here and read this, you will be my witness and I also wish you a great 2018.


Oom @HandDrawnYarn


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