An Interview with HandDrawnYarn


Why “HandDrawnYarn”?
I started HandDrawnYarn with making hand drawn yarn-themed greeting cards which I have sold at a local yarn shop. One of my doodles was about a cat with magic to produce more yarn from existing yarn stash. Then one day I had an idea that I would make that happen. I dug out my woolly yarn (as a seasonal weaver, I have quite a collection of weaving yarn!) and that was when my first mini yarn ball was born. 🙂

Why working with yarn?

I learned how to knit and crochet when I was a kid but I disliked the fibre craft then. I didn’t like the idea that we had to sit still clicking the needles instead of just go out and play!
But I started to pick up hooks and needles again when I moved to foreign lands.
Over the past 15 years, I’ve lived on three different continents (Asia, North America and Europe).Joining local craft and knitting groups is an excellent way to meet new people, make new friends, and learn new languages and different cultures. The joy of knitting/crocheting with friends is the highlight of my day.

What do you expect from “HandDrawnYarn”?

The thought of my mini yarn balls (either earrings or stitch markers) being in a hand of knitters and yarn lovers in different parts of the world just thrills me. They get to travel to places I have never been, get to join new knitting groups and get to make fibre folks smile 🙂


©2016 Somruthai Maugard @HandDrawnYarn. All rights reserved.




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